Our team is making the next-gen UAV platform and solving problems along the way.

No Drone Zone was founded by the makers of the xCraft X PlusOne and PhoneDrone..

We are thrilled to be working on what we believe will be the predominant platform design for future UAV's that need both precision landing and hovering capabilities and efficient long-range flight.  

Because of our involvement in the drone industry, we became aware of the specific need to build infrastructure that can protect personal privacy and personal airspace.  

We came up with the NoDroneZone concept and we will be making all xCraft crafts NoDroneZone Enabled.

Our goal is to develop a community of UAV manufacturers and developers of software systems for UAV's that will also become NoDroneZone certified..

We are based in beautiful Sandpoint, Idaho.  Here, we have designed, built, and hope to manufacture all xCraft components and assemble the platform for hobbyists and commercial customers.

Meet the Team

JD Claridge is the visionary and inventor of the x PlusOne design.  He started his career at Volant Technica as an aerospace engineer and later served several years as the lead electrical engineer at Quest Aircraft. For the past few years JD has been running his own aerospace design firm.

Charles Manning is the CEO of a leading mobile analytics technology company, Kochava.  An aviation enthusiast, Charles was immediately excited about working with JD to help make the X PlusOne a reality and develop the NoDroneZone platform for the UAV eco-system.